DoorDash partners with Jimmy John’s, offers restaurants self-delivery option

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Now you can order Jimmy John’s on DoorDash.

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On Wednesday, DoorDash announced that the sandwich chain -- with more than 2,400 locations -- would be joining the platform nationwide. But the partnership comes with a catch -- Jimmy John’s will be using its own delivery drivers.

The restaurant chain -- owned by Inspire Brands -- won’t be the only restaurant allowed to use its own drivers. DoorDash announced it has developed a new “Self-Delivery” model that restaurants can sign up for, if they have their own fleet or want to use their own employees for deliveries.

“Self-Delivery enables restaurants to increase takeout sales and access new customers in their area by listing themselves on the DoorDash and/or Caviar marketplace while continuing to fulfill orders with their in-house fleet,” the announcement said.

Jimmy John's has joined the DoorDash platform but will continue to use its own delivery drivers. (iStock)

Restaurants who want to participate in the self-delivery program have to fill out a form and set a delivery zone and delivery fees. Within a few weeks, they’ll be able to self-deliver to their customers.

“From the beginning, we’ve been focused on building a full suite of services to help merchants come online and thrive,” Tom Pickett, DoorDash’s chief revenue officer, said in a statement. “During this unprecedented time, we’ve accelerated our efforts to innovate on behalf of our merchant partners, developing new ways to partner with restaurants to provide them with choice and control over how to grow their businesses, reach new customers, and adapt to rapidly evolving consumption habits.”

Jimmy John’s partnership with DoorDash is the first time the restaurant chain has partnered with a third-party delivery service, the chain said in an announcement.

DoorDash is allowing restaurants to use their own delivery drivers for orders with its new 'Self-Delivery' program. (iStock)

The full partnership was finalized after the two companies did a six-month trial with 100 Jimmy John’s locations.

“As a brand, we are relentlessly focused on reaching our guests on their terms,” Darin Dugan, Jimmy John’s chief marketing officer, said in a statement. “In DoorDash we found a third-party partner that shares this commitment and offers us the ability to further reach our consumers where they increasingly are – digitally. We are so thrilled about this relationship and the visibility to consumers it provides for our brand, both now and in the future.”